OPENHIRE – Podcast Production

Recently we were thrilled to have a website client (Nudge Africa request our help with the production of a Podcast. Geraldine of Nudge Africa is a recruitment and talent acquisition specialist and she always felt like there wasn’t enough of a conversation around the very specific market dynamics in South Africa and Africa as a whole when it comes to the recruitment industry.

We of course loved the idea of a Podcast that could address these topics.  Many of the key areas we wanted to focus on were recruitment agencies, technology innovation, and in-house recruiters within the South African Market.

The Tilt Creative team filmed, recorded, and edited up the episodes as well as developed the graphic assets for deployment to Geraldines website, YouTube channel as well as handled the distribution of the Podcast to ensure the episodes were available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

As a team we’ve loved designing Nudge Africa’s website, developing the website and capturing and producing all of her content from social media videos to full length Podcast Episodes.

Keep up to Date with the  podcast ->

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