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A fresh new design look and feel for a global brand.

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Website redesign
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Website Development


We worked hand in hand with the brilliant Xandi who designed the website.  Ultimately Bodysmart in Dubai wanted a fresh new look and cosistent brand feel accross all of it’s platforms. Xandi came up with the brand design, look and feel and then handed the project over to us to develop the website.  The website design was done in Adobe InDesign and we recieved a PDF file with the various pages.


Bodysmart had an existing website and it was our job to retain a lot of the information including the blog posts so that they would seamlessly be visible on the new website.

When we received Xandi’s flat lay design we immediately went to work building the site out.  There were some key elements that needed to be integrated including a custom Google Maps color which we created using the google maps API and a booking system that could be managed by the client.

The booking system is fairly simple being a slide-in popup.  The button to trigger the popup is always visible at the top of the screen no matter where on the page you are to be available whenever a client is ready to make a booking. 

Although the company wasn’t ready to go live with their online store we set up and primed the site for an e-commerce solution that could have products added in the future.

It was also important that the site be as beautiful on mobile as it is on desktop so the entire site is responsive and allows for an enjoyable experience across all devices.

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The Bodysmart website is a multipage website and each page was carefully thought out to allow the user an enjoyable experience with an intuitive navigation to easily find the information they need.

Bodysmart had existing blog posts that needed to be included in the new website.  When executing the new design in the development phase we included the brand look and feel in the single blog page as well as the archive pages.  

Managing emails and creating your own email database of clients is vital for any business.  The Bodysmart site saves all emails sent through the site and automatically adds them to the clients mailchimp database.

The importance of the brand being recognised in all aspects of the site was very important to ensure a consistent brand identity.  By default the google maps integration only allows you to select a location to point to but you are at the mercy of the Google brand colours.  Through the Google Maps API and a little bit of CSS code we were able to create a map showing bodysmarts various locations while controling the colours that were displayed on the map.

As a clinic it’s important that users are able to make a booking easily and this popup form allows customers to make their booking no matter where they are on the site.  

In the industry that Bodysmart operates, it’s important that clients can quickly and easily ask questions or get more information to better inform their purchasing decisions.  The Whatsapp button gives users a real person to talk to and is available on all pages across the site.

The Bodysmart website is as beautiful on mobile and tablet as it is on Desktop!