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Nudge Africa is owned and operated by Geraldine Bruce who is a coach and talent acquisition and search specialist.  When designing the website in Figma, we only had a logo to work with but the logo guided our look and feel as well as typography and brand colours. 
The website needed to be professional yet offer a propective client a glimpse into who Geraldine is.  
The project was designed in Figma and our client had remote acces to her design where she could make comments and notes so that we could easily identify what needed changing and effectively make the changes in real time. 
At this phase, the client also was able to add her copy so that the site architecture could start to take shape. 


Nudge Africa had existing photo content and the copy was generated by Geraldine the owner.  We used Geraldine’s photographic content and created small design tweaks like removing the background so we could achieve the desired effect.  

Halfway through developing the site Geraldine came up with the brilliant idea to host a podcast.  It was a new and innovative way to talk to her community and bring to light some amazing homegrown talents and technologies.  We noticed almost immediately how effective the video medium was working for with engagement through the roof.  Tilt Creative is the proud producer of the “OPENHIRE “podcast powered by Nudge Africa. Each month we produce a new podcast episode for Geraldine.  We also handle the podcast distribution ensuring it reaches Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other popular listening platforms.


Nudge Africa is a simple website but we loved working with the design to achieve a truly elegant website that is fast and fully responsive and features plenty great content.  

Geraldine is an avid reader and in turn likes to write blog posts where she can share her thoughts, ideas and years of experience in her industry.  

To keep blog and podcast posts separate we used Custom Post Types to create the “Podcasts” database so that as podcasts were recorded we could upload them to our podcasts post type and create an archive and single page  for the podcasts.  


The Nudge Africa website is a multipage website and each page was carefully thought out to allow the user an enjoyable experience with an intuitive navigation to easily find the information they need.

Geraldine writes blog posts for her own website and we then transfer the content to WordPress and categorise and publish the posts with a featured image.

Managing emails and creating your own email database of clients is vital for any business.  The Nudge Africa site saves all emails sent through the site and automatically adds them to the clients mailchimp database.

We handle the entire podcast production for Geraldine including the audio and video recording as well as editing the final product and design thumbnails for YouTube.  We also handle the podcast distribution ensuring it reaches Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other popular listening platforms.

Although a bit geeky, Custom Post Types are great when you want to create another database of information separate to your blog posts.  We used CPT to create and manage Geraldine’s Podcast episodes.

Above the footer we included an instagram reel that automatically receives new posts as they’re published to instagram.

The Nudge Africa website is as beautiful on mobile and tablet as it is on Desktop!

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